Amanda Stone

  Photo Credit / Copyright:   Jen & Chris Creed, Photographers

Photo Credit / Copyright: Jen & Chris Creed, Photographers

With a background in project management and live event production, Amanda Stone is detail-oriented and thrives in high-paced environments. Amanda specializes in event logistics and is passionate about transforming creative concepts into real experiences. 

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Amanda received degrees in Human and Organizational Development and Corporate Strategy from Vanderbilt University.  Amanda and her husband, Steven, welcomed their daughter, Camilla, on her February 2017 due date, which was very appropriate for an event planner! 

Micaela Reed

  Photo Credit / Copyright:  Shelby Foldy

Photo Credit / Copyright: Shelby Foldy

Micaela Reed brings her background in operations, customer service, and marketing. With her eye on the big picture, Micaela is a high achiever devoted to thoroughly comprehending clients’ objectives and ensuring that our solutions are effectively delivered.

Micaela moved to Nashville from Beverly Hills, California, to attend Vanderbilt University. Today, she and her husband, Sam Reed, enjoy entertaining and indulging in a cocktail at their family's restaurant, Sinema Restaurant & Lounge and coffee shop, 8th & Roast.