Remix: DJs at Events

Music plays such a pivotal role in setting the tone, the feeling, the atmosphere of each event. At A&M Events, live music is one of our favorite things! From festivals to weddings, live bands elevate energy and serve as a major focal point. 

On the other hand, DJs have been making a comeback at many of our favorite recent events! Don't worry, we haven't been hiring cheesy DJs that maintain a tight grip on the mic even during your favorite songs. We're talking about DJs with a passion for music, mixing and mash-ups. We love watching guests' excitement as DJs unexpectedly shift between genres or transition from nostalgic throwbacks to recent hits. We've worked with numerous bands with the range and talent to segue from Sinatra to Beyonce, but bands have a more limited repertoire because they have limited time to rehearse together and they stick to their best songs. DJs can customize sets that reflect your tastes and align with your vision, even if your requests are all across the board. Opting for a DJ can also be more wallet-friendly because you're only compensating and covering expenses for one person. 

Whether you select a band or DJ, be sure to communicate your musical preferences and share your Schedule of Events to ensure everyone is on the same page!