February 14th Snuck Up Again, Didn't It?

Although many of us are still accidentally writing 2015 on checks, it's already February, folks! Not just February - MID-February - almost Valentine's Day. It's hard enough to snag a last minute reservation here in Nashville on most weekends, let alone a holiday that lures out even the most reclusive. We're here to bail you out with a few ideas to treat your sweet one, even if you almost dropped the ball (again).


Guys: Sneak onto her Pinterest account and pick a dish that she recently pinned. Not only will she be excited to cook a dish that she's been wanting to try with you, she'll also be impressed by your thoughtfulness.

Gals: Surprise him with one of his all-time favorite dishes, even if you need to call his mom for ideas. He can be your sous chef or give him a special whiskey to sip on while you cook. Your dish may taste better after a couple drinks anyway, right?


Guys: Who doesn't love a good brunch? There are so many delicious options around town and many restaurants will offer a special menu or cocktail to celebrate. We love to get restaurant ideas from Nashville Guru because their site sorts restaurants by neighborhood.

Gals: Treat your guy to Tennessee Brew Works' annual craft beer and chocolate pairing event kicking off at noon on Saturday and Sunday.


Guys: With Valentine's Day on a Sunday, enjoy some alone time before another busy work week. Bite the bullet and suggest a Rom Com, or at least include one in a list of options.

Gals: Winter is the best time to catch up on the shows that your guy has been wanting to see. Binge watching a show together can be romantic.


Pick up a bottle of wine and a few Olive & Sinclair chocolate bars and enjoy your own wine and chocolate pairing.


Grab your friends and hit up a brunch spot, then head to Poppy & Monroe in Germantown for some nail TLC!

Image Source: Buzz Feed

Image Source: Buzz Feed